Round Sign Post


In addition to telescoping sign support systems, Telespar offers several complementary traffic products.

The engineered system of integrated parts enables you to mount signs back-to-back and on adjacent sides. It is designed to make adjustment, reinforcement and splicing fast and easy. By utilizing a square tube, Telespar exhibits superior wind load capabilities and torsional stability.

The Telespar round sign support system with socket and wedge provides superior corrosion resistance and strength benefits, demonstrating 50ksi yield strength resulting from Allied’s signature in-line galvanizing process. This highly durable product enables you reduce replacement and repair costs caused by standard wear and tear.

The limited number of components makes it easy to install. Simply drive the tubular socket into the ground, insert the signpost and add the wedge. The socket and wedge system makes it easy to use, re-use and hard to vandalize.


2.375" x 10 0.134 3.2101
2.375" x 12 0.109 2.6404
2.375" x 13 0.095 2.3155
2.375" x 14 0.083 2.0336
2.375" x 16 0.065 1.6051
2.875" x 12* 0.109 3.1444

* Used for Anchors